Description excerpted from the first issue of The Pedestal. The publication  dropped “The” in September 1970 and the masthead read simply Pedestal”.

“Vancouver Women’s Caucus is an organization of women students, workers and ‘housewives, attempting to bring women together to discuss and organize around the problems we face as women in this society.

The women’s caucus was originally organized by university students involved in the movement for student control on campus, and a university dedicated to the interests of the working people rather than corporations.

As women, we recognized that we too have little control over the forces that shape our lives in this society, that we face specific problems because we are women, and that women must be organized independently to struggle for solutions to these problems.

Today, Women’s Caucus includes many working women and housewives, as well as students. As well as monthly general meetings, we have small groups meeting to discuss specific areas of concern, and to carry out specific projects.”

More issues coming soon.

Title Date
Pedestal – Vol. 1, No.1 – Fall 1969 Autumn 1969
Pedestal – Vol. 7, No. 3 – October/November 1976 October 1976
The Pedestal – Vol. 2, No. 5 – June 1970 June 1970

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