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We have some fantastic resources in our collections. Below, you’ll find a curated listing some of the more important, interesting or illuminating pieces on particular topics. Enjoy exploring!

Women & Labour

Our collection of items centred around women and their influence and action within the labour movement is one of our largest collections. We’ve got issues of union magazines, issues of working women’s groups magazines, posters and documents from the CAW, the CLC and others. Also included in the collection are documents and other material from specific strike actions like the Eaton’s Strike and the Fleck strike.


Our collection of materials on abortion covers the Canadian pro-choice movement throughout the 70s ,80s and 90s. Charting the successful decriminalization and subsequent battles for funding, access and constitutional rights.

Black women and the feminist movement

An exploration of organizations, events and actions involving black feminists, particularly looking the beginnings of several prominent organizations for black women. The materials in this collection also reflect earlier approaches to intersectionality.

Violence against woman

A selection of documents, films, posters and buttons regarding violence against women. This collection looks at a wide range of communities that struggle with violence against women and girls.