Jewish Women’s Forum


Description from the Mission Statement in the 1st issue of the Jewish Women’s Forum – Premiere Issue

“JWF aims to provide an open forum for women across the spectrum of Jewish society. We believe that by acknowledging and respecting the diversity among us we can create a strong community. When we celebrate, all our parts we will be more unified.

The Jewish Women’s Forum seeks to encourage women to realize their potency in both their private and public lives and to envision themselves as initiators of positive change.

We decry violence, hatred, and destruction. We promote respect for life. Our goal is to play a role in creating a shift from a patriarchal society to a partnership.”

Title Date
Jewish Women’s Forum – 1st Issue – September/October 1994 September, October 1994
Jewish Women’s Forum – March/April 1995 March, April 1995

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Jewish Women’s Forum

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