Project supporters

The Rise Up! collective is deeply grateful to the many, many people who have supported us to get this project off the ground. The early donors who provided seed money; the activists who offered ideas and dug through their collections to locate, then organize materials; the feminist network that offered ideas and helped put us in touch with many contributors; the lawyer who provided advice; the students and volunteers who patiently scanned and digitized documents; and dozens more. There are far too many to name individually – just know that your backing and encouragement has repeatedly buoyed our spirits and sustained our resolve to keep going.

There are several women, however, whose support came at critical turning points in the evolution of this website and who must be singled out for personal mention.

  • Christine Berkowitz, Associate Professor – Teaching Stream, Dept of Historical and Cultural Studies, University of Toronto Scarborough
  • Lisa Pasolli, Assistant Professor, Department of History, Queen’s University, Kingston, On.
  • Vicky Drummond, Nellie Langford Rowell Women’s Studies Library
  • Julie Roy, Chef bibliothécaire/Head Librarian, Archives et collections spéciales/Archives and Special Collection, Université d’Ottawa / University of Ottawa

Foundation and Government Grants

We are also extremely grateful for funding from the following foundations and government agencies. 


Mark and Zita Bernstein Family Foundation

Government Grants

  • Library and Archives Canada’s Documentary Heritage Communities Program
  • Canada Summer Jobs, Government of Canada
  • Young Canada Works in Heritage (in collaboration with Canadian Council of Archives)

Thank you volunteers!

We also want to thank the following volunteers, workers, and students for their important contributions. Their many hours of  scanning, digitizing, reviewing, and uploading  publications, documents and other materials have made this website a much richer archive of feminist materials.

  • Akosua Adasi
  • Julia Aguiar
  • Dania Asahi
  • Lindsay Atkinson
  • Bryna Bernstein
  • Steph Cook
  • Wendy Cuthbertson
  • Shivani Desai
  • Bernadette Daou
  • Melanie D’Ornellas
  • Kristi Ewing
  • Katelyn Fernandez
  • Paige Fletcher
  • Mei Mei Fong
  • MacKenzie Gott
  • Niamh Griffin
  • Renee Grozelle
  • Mira Habjouqa
  • Alannah Holder
  • Celina Johnson
  • Jessica Lapp
  • Cassidy Latimer
  • Daniel Liao
  • Kaitlin Sonneveld
  • Roxanne Duncan
  • Noa Sanders
  • Hollis McConkey
  • Elizabeth Wong
  • Alanna Brown
  • Ciara Taccone
  • Sabahat Khan
  • Nancy Adamson
  • Emma Drejer Olsen
  • Alana Cattapan
  • Sarah Lewis
  • Sarah Lubelski
  • Delphine Mouchel
  • Daniella Naumovski
  • Jennifer Nangreave
  • Melissa Nelson
  • Andrea Oswald
  • Naailah Patel
  • Lauren Robinson
  • Jessica Rumboldt
  • Sundus Saba
  • Laura Sbrizzi
  • Kimya Shahi
  • Momtha Sivapathasundram
  • Sarah Somerville
  • Alexandra Southgate
  • Vera Szoke
  • Karen Teeple
  • Rita Tran
  • Christina Turner
  • Morgen Veres
  • Heather Walker
  • Tiffany Xiao Ying Lui
  • Camille McDayter
  • Sarah Mosher
  • Denise Glasbeek
  • Shelly Gordon
  • Tara Cleveland
  • Sue Colley
  • Lisa Boucher
  • Franca Iacovetta
  • Rosemary Donegan
  • Sarah Ariza-Verrault
  • Meg Luxton

Thank you all!