Growing feminist activism fostered a wider range of opportunities for women in music, and music also became an important vehicle for communicating feminist issues and building solidarity. Emblematic songs such as “Bread and Roses” were rediscovered and became anthems of the women’s movement, as did other explicitly feminist pieces written and performed by contemporary women musicians. New solo artists, all-woman groups, and groups headlined by women emerged on the scene and won a popular following.

Feminists also set up community-based singing groups or choirs that frequently performed at rallies, women’s strike support actions, and cultural events.

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Type of Musical Material Title Group/Artist Date
Song A Si Katali The Red Berets 1987
Song Bread and roses Catherine Silverglen --
Musical artist or group Euphoniously Feminist & Non-Performing Quintet Euphoniusly Feminist & Non-Performing Quintet 1971 - 1999 or later
Song Fight Back The Red Berets 1978
Song Gonna Rise The Red Berets 1984
Song It’s My Body – Medley The Red Berets 1986
Song Moving Mountains The Red Berets 1981
Song Oh Come All Ye Shoppers The Red Berets 1987
Song Old Woman The Red Berets 1973
Musical artist or group The Red Berets The Red Berets 1981 - 1999 or later
Lyrics of song The Red Berets – No More Shit The Red Berets --
Lyrics of song The Red Berets – We Won’t Go Back The Red Berets --
Song Union Maid The Red Berets 1984
Song We Will Not Be Denied The Red Berets 1982
Song Women Walk More Determined The Red Berets 1983