The posters and flyers of feminist activism used emblematic symbols, graphic design, and artistic representation to deliver their message. The pieces here include creative and evocative works of art, many of which still hang on our walls, while others are quickly designed and pragmatic early notices churned out on a gestetner and not constructed to last. Collectively, they provide a visual showcase of the issues and struggles for equality from the 1970s to 1990s. Please add to our collection.

Title Date Organization
“never retract, never explain, never apologize, get the thing done and let them howl!” --
3e Foire Internationale du livre féministe – 3rd International Feminist Book Fair 1988 Feminist Book Fair
A Canadian Women’s Calendar – 1974 1974 The Women's Press
A Canadian Women’s Calendar – Herstory 1975 – 1975 The Women's Press
A Culture Retrieved: Yiddish Women’s Literature 1995 Centre for Women's Studies in Education (OISE), Women's Educational Resources Centre (OISE)
A New Eaton’s Tradition: Dignity and Rights for Working Women 1985 Organized Working Women, Ontario Federation of Labour Women's Committee, Ontario New Democratic Party Women's Committee, OPSEU Women's Committee, Women in Trades, International Women's Day Committee, Congress of Canadian Women, March 8 Coalition, Toronto Caucus of Women and the Law, CPC Metro Women's Committee
A Show of Works --
A Vision in the Darkness 1991 Cinema Libre - National Film Board of Canada
Abortion and Women’s Liberation Public Meeting (Toronto) 1983 Ontario Coalition for Abortion Clinics, March 8th Coalition, NDP Women's Committee
An Account to Settle: The Story of the United Bank Workers (SORWUC) 1979 Service, Office and Retail Workers Union of Canada (SORWUC), Press Gang Publishers, Vancouver Women's Caucus
Atthis Theatre -- Atthis Theatre
bat thari – 3 Films By and About Black Women (Toronto) 1981 bat thari, Development Education Centre (DEC)
Benefit Concert in Honour of FETSALUD (Nicaraguan Health Workers Association) -- The Clichettes
Black Women’s Collective – Ba thari Celebration Poster (Toronto) – May 1987 1987 Black Women's Collective
Celebrate March 8 International Women’s Day -- Canadian Communist League (Marxist-Leninist)
Control of our Bodies – Control of our Lives -- Ad Hoc Coalition for Choice
Control of Our Bodies March 1982 Canadian Abortion Rights Action League, Feminist Party of Canada, International Women's Day Committee, Lesbians Against the Right, Toronto Rape Crisis Center, Women Against Violence Against Women, Action Day Care, Women Working with Immigrant Women, North York Birth Control and V.D. Clinic, Regent Park and Area Sole Support Mothers' Group
Cycling Women: A Conference for Bicycle Riders -- Women's Committee Ontario Cycling Association
Dance In Canada Benefit Party and Auction 1978 The Clichettes
Dr. Morgentaler Speaks 1974 B.C. Committee to Defend Dr. Morgenthaler, B.C. Federation of Women, S.F.U. Student Society, Unitarian Church of Vancouver, Vancouver Area Council NDP, Vancouver Status of Women, Women's Bookstore, Women's Health Collective
Eaton’s Boycott – May Extravanganza 1985 Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union, Ontario Federation of Labour, Labour Council of Metro Toronto
Eaton’s Boycott and May 6th Extravaganza Poster (Toronto) 1985 Organized Working Women
Every Miner had a Mother (1983) 1983 Sudbury Women's Centre
Fighting Back: A Women’s Weekend of Information and Action on Violence Against Women 1982 Toronto Rape Crisis Centre
First Mourn. Then Work for Change 1990 Black Women’s Collective, Canadian Auto Workers Union, Canadian Labour Congress, Canadian Union of Public Employees, Canadian Union of Postal Workers, CKLN staff and volunteers, Confederation of Canadian Unions, Education Wife Assault , Federation of Women Teacher’s Associations of Ontario, Healthsharing Magazine, Metro Toronto Labour Community Services, National Action Committee on the Status of Women, Ontario Federation of Labour, Ontario Confederation of University Faculty Associations, Ontario Institute for Studies and Education, Department of Sociology in Education , Ontario Public Service Employers Union, OXFAM Canada, Public Service Alliance of Canada, Provincial Association of Transition Houses Saskatchewan, Regards de femmes, Programme français de l’Office National du film du Canada, S.O.S. Femmes, Studio D, the Women’s Studio of the National Film Board, Toronto Women’s Bookstore, Toronto Board of Education, Status of Women Committee, Toronto Typographical Union No. 91 , United Steelworkers of America, Canadian National Office, United Electrical Workers, Women’s Committee of the United Steelworkers of America – Peel/Halton , Women’s Press, YWCA of/du Canada
Found Treasures: Stories by Yiddish Women Writers 1994 Second Story Press
Free Dr. Morgentaler! -- Toronto Committee to Defend Dr. Morgentaler
Friends of Choice Tribute Dinner 1996 Friends of Choice
HERstory of work: Recognizing Women’s Contributions (Women’s History Month – 1993) 1993 Green Dragon Press
In Solidarity with Our Sisters of Indochina 1971 Vancouver Women's Caucus
In Struggle! For the Canadian Proletarian Party (1983) 1983 Canadian Communist League (Marxist-Leninist)
International Panel of Speakers on Wages for Housework Campaign (1978) 1978 Wages for Housework
International Women’s Day (1982) – BC Government Employees’ Union (BCGEU) 1982 BC Government Employees' Union (BCGEU)
International Women’s Day (Sudbury) – 1991 1991 Local 6500, United Steelworkers of America: Women's Committee
International Women’s Day (Toronto) – March 9 --
International Women’s Day 1978 (Toronto) – Feminist Celebration 1978
International Women’s Day 1981 (Hamilton) – Women’s Festival Art Exhibit 1981
International Women’s Day Poster (Toronto) --
International Women’s Day Poster (Toronto) – 1978 1978 International Women's Day Committee, March 8th Coalition
International Women’s Day Poster (Toronto) – 1979 1979 International Women's Day Committee, March 8th Coalition
International Women’s Day Poster (Toronto) – 1980 1980 March 8th Coalition, International Women's Day Committee
International Women’s Day Poster (Toronto) – 1981 1981 March 8th Coalition
International Women’s Day Poster (Toronto) – 1982 1982 March 8th Coalition
International Women’s Day Poster (Toronto) – 1983 1983 March 8th Coalition
International Women’s Day Poster (Toronto) – 1984 1984 March 8th Coalition
International Women’s Day Poster (Toronto) – 1985 1985 March 8th Coalition
International Women’s Day Poster (Toronto) – 1986 1986 March 8th Coalition
International Women’s Day Poster (Toronto) – 1987 1987 March 8th Coalition
International Women’s Day Poster (Toronto) – 1987 1987 March 8th Coalition
International Women’s Day Poster (Toronto) – 1988 1988 March 8th Coalition
International Women’s Day Poster (Toronto) – 1989 1989 March 8th Coalition
International Women’s Day Poster (Toronto) – 1990 1990 March 8th Coalition, Native Women Resource Centre, Women's Press
International Women’s Day, March 8 – Journée Internationale de la Femme, 8 Mars (Vancouver) --
International Women’s Year – Année internationale de la femme (1975) 1975 Government of Canada
Interval House Benefit Dance -- Interval House
Inuit Womens Conference – July 28th – August 2nd, 1975 1975 Inuit Tapirisat of Canada
Lavender Shorts – Labour Pains 1986 International Women's Day Committee (IWDC), A Space Written Word Committee, Nightwood Theatre Groundswell Festival, Lesbian Speakers Bureau
Les femmes et le travail: Reconnaissons leur contribution (Mois de l’histoire des femmes 1993) 1993 Green Dragon Press
Lesbian and Gay Movements Under Attack (1980) 1980 Revolutionary Workers League, Young Socialists
Lesbians Are Making History (1986) 1986 Lesbians Making History
Lesbians are talking about AIDS -- AIDS Committee of Toronto
Lillian Allen – Album Release Celebration 1988
Make The House Into A Home 1980 Feminist Party of Canada
March 2: Day of Angolan Women -- Liberation Support Movement Information Centre,
March! For Women’s Right to Choose 1979
May 27 Equal Pay Rally 1979 Equal Pay Coalition of Ontario, International Women's Day Committee
Mothers of Confederation Poster 1980 National Action Committee on the Status of Women
No Means No! -- Ontario Federation of Students
No Small Change – The Story of the Eaton’s Strike 1985 Emma Productions
Organized Working Women 10th Anniversary Poster 1985 Organized Working Women
Pleurez-les aujourd’hui. Agissez demain. 1990 Alliance de la Fonction publique du Canada, Bureau national du Syndicat des Métallos, Collectif des femmes noires, Comité canadien d'acton sur le statut de la femme, Comité des femmes du syndicate des Métallos - Peel/Halton, Congrès du Travail du Canada, Confederation des Syndicats canadiens, Education Wife Assault, Fédération du travail de l'Ontario, Institut d'études pédagogiques de l'Ontario, Départment de sociologie en éducation, Metro Toronto Labour Community Service, Les Travailleurs et Travailleuses canadiens de l'Automobile (TCA Canada), OXFAM- Canada, Personnel et bénévoles de CKLN, Regards de femmes, Programme français de l'Office national du film du Canada, S.O.S. femmes, Standard Fine Printing, Studio D, Studio des femmes de l'Office national du film du Canada, Syndicat canadien de la fonction publique, Syndicate des employé-e-s de la fonction publique de l'Ontario, Syndicat des postiers du Canada, Conseil scolaire de Toronto Comité sur le statut de la femme, Toronto Typographical Union No. 91, Toronto Women's Bookstore, Travailleurs unis de l'électricité, Union des Associations des Professeurs de l'Ontario, Women's Press, YWCA of/du Canada
Press Gang Benefit: Stay Home! -- Press Gang Publishers
Primer Encuentro Mujeres Latinoamericanas – Toronto Ontario 1995
Public Discussion: Freida Hjartarson presents “A Consideration of Hard and Soft” -- Women's Art Resource Centre (WARC)
Radio Feminist International 1989 CKLN Women's Caucus
Red Moon Rising: Indochinese Conference Benefit 1971 Vancouver Women's Caucus
Rise Up for Choice Dance – International Women’s Day 1984 1984 Ontario Coalition for Abortion Clinics
Send These Lips to Houston 1984 The Clichettes
sex discrimination exists in the work place 1977
Sisters in Struggle – Building a Global Movment: A Black History Month Event 1988 Black Women's Collective
Sizzle City: anti-nuclear guerrilla theatre by feminists (Toronto IWD) --
Solidarity Poster for Eaton’s Strike 1985 Organized Working Women
South Africa Women’s Day – Women’s Picket! 1985 South African Women in Toronto
Stepping Out of Line: Workshop Manual and Resource Guide on Lesbianism/Feminism 1984 Press Gang Publishers
Sudbury Women’s Centre – NFB “The Glass Ceiling” Screening (1993) 1993 Sudbury Women's Centre, National Film Board of Canada
Support Pro-Choice Rally (October 1983) 1983 Women's Cultural Building
Take Back the Night (Sudbury) --
The 4th Annual 5 Minute Feminist Cabaret (Toronto) – 1986 1986 Women's Cultural Building, Nightwood Theatre
The Clichettes Present Half Human, Half Heartache -- The Clichettes
The Company of Sirens Present: Channels of Passion -- The Company of Sirens
The Female Eye 1986 Oculus
The Impact of Micro-Technology on Women and Employment 1982 Nova Scotia Women's Action Committee, Canadian Congress for Learning Opportunities for Women, Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women, Women's Employment Counselling Service.
The Other Woman – A Revolutionary Feminist Newspaper -- The Other Woman
The Power of Music: Singing for Social Change -- The Red Berets
The Power of Music: Singing for Social Change – The Red Berets -- The Red Berets
The Red Berets – As We Go Marching, Marching 1987 The Red Berets
The Sixth Annual 5 Minute Feminist Cabaret (Toronto) – March 7, 1988 1988 Nightwood Theatre, Women's Cultural Building
The Women are Coming: Abortion Caravan 1970 Vancouver Women's Caucus
The Women’s Constitutional Conference 1992 Native Women's Association of Canada, National Action Committee on the Status of Women
The Women’s Constitutional Conference – August 24, 1992 1992 Native Women’s Association of Canada (NWAC) / L’Association des femmes autochtones du Canada (AFAC), National Action Committee on the Status of Women (NAC) / Comité canadien d’action sur le statut de la femme (CCA)
The Women’s Place -- The Women's Place
The Women’s Place; meet, talk, work, plan, discover 1973 The Women's Place
Together with the Men, We Will Throw out the Capitalists (Russia c. 1920) -- Spartacus Bookstore
violence against women -- Women Against Violence Against Women (WAVAW)
Voice of Our Own: What Colour is the Women’s Movement? 1989 Association of Women of India in Canada, Chinese Canadian National Council - Women's Issues Committee, Coalition of Visible Minority Women, Congress of Black Women, Ontario Region, Network of Filipino Canadian Women , Ontario Immigrant & Visible Minority Women's Organization, Women Working with Immigrant Women, Secretary of State, Women's Program
Wages for Housework – Selma James -- Wages for Housework
Wages for Housework – Suzie Fleming -- Wages Due , Wages for Housework
Wives Supporting The Strike: Stretch your Nickel Cookbook 1979 Wives Supporting the Strike
Women & Revolution in Central America: An Evening of Solidarity -- Women Working with Immigrant Women, International Women's Day Committee, Women's Press
Women Fight Back! Women’s Right to Abortion Under Attack -- International Women's Day Committee
Women Fighting INCO Solidarity Benefit -- Organized Working Women, International Women's Day Committee, Ontario Federation of Labour, NDP Women's Committee
Women of the Spanish Resistance 1972
Women’s Conference: Oct. 26-28 – U of T -- Ontario Federation of Students, Student Administrative Council, University of Toronto
Women’s Counselling Referral and Education Centre Benefit 1979 Women's Counselling, Referral and Education Centre, Mama Quilla II
Women’s Festival – Saskatoon (1974) 1974 Women and Film, Women's Resource Centre, Saskatoon Public Education Clinic
Women’s Issues in Election Year -- Nova Scotia Women's Action Committee
Women’s Liberation and Socialism (1978) 1978 Revolutionary Workers League, Young Socialists
women’s work – gallery 76 --
Writers in Dialogue 1981 Toronto Women's Bookstore, Women's Writing Collective