Films by and about women documented women’s lives, explored issues of inequality and discrimination, and recorded stories of struggle and change. Initiatives such as Studio D, a publicly funded women’s film production unit at the National Film Board of Canada created in 1974, opened doors for women in film-making.  Independent women film-makers also made their mark working on their own or with the support of women’s groups or other progressive organizations.

The advent of the video-camera also made it possible for others outside the industry to make films. Some tapes provide informal and often unedited glimpses of actions, events, and people. Others were the result of scripted, well-organized, and professionally filmed projects.

The films in this section include ones with public access rights, as well as others for which we have obtained permission to post on this site. If you have a question or concern, please contact us.

Title Filmmaker Date
(1980) Rosemary Brown Interview: Canada’s First Black Female MLA Of Provincial Legislature Talks About Aging Task Force 1980
5’2’80 000 LBS Nathalie Trépanier 1999
A Mother and Daughter on Abortion Gail Singer 1987
A Safe Distance Tina Horne 1986
A Score for Women’s Voices Sophie Bissonnette 2000andafter
A Scream from Silence Anne Claire Poirier 1979
A Struggle to Remember: Fighting for our Families Post Perfect Productions 2000andafter
A Woman’s Place Colin Low 1967
A Writer in the Nuclear Age: A Conversation with Margaret Laurence Terre Nash 1985
Abortion Caravan Karin Wells 2000andafter
Abortion: Stories from North and South Gail Singer 1984
Alternatives to Hysteria – Part III – Birth Control: Who’s in Control? Women Helping Women 1982
Amisk Alanis Obomsawin 1977
Augusta Anne Wheeler 1976
Beyond December 6 Catherine Fol 1991
Birth Poem 1988
Black Mother, Black Daughter Sylvia Hamilton, Claire Prieto 1989
Building Futures: Re-Building Our Lives Sher Morgan 1996
Campaign Robert Fothergill, Peter Janecek, Eleanor Dudar 1975
Come Into My Parlour Mary Lewis 1990
Conspiracy of Silence – Part 1 Canadian Broadcasting Corporation 1991
Conspiracy of Silence – Part 2 Canadian Broadcasting Corporation 1991
Constitute! Sharon McIvor Talk Centre for Feminist Legal Studies, University of British Columbia 2000andafter
Dec 6th, 2009 – 20th Anniversary of Montreal CAW Women 2000andafter
Democracy à la Maude Patricia Kearns 1998
Democracy on Trial: The Morgentaler Affair Paul Cowan 1984
Doctor, Lawyer, Indian Chief Carol Geddes 1986
Don’t Call Me Baby Margot Trevelyan 1975
Dykes in the Street Almerinda Travassos 2000andafter
Eskimo Artist: Kenojuak John Feeney 1963
Firewords: Louky Bersianik, Jovette Marchessault, Nicole Brossard Dorothy Todd Hénaut 1986
Flamenco at 5:15 Cynthia Scott 1983
Flora: Scenes from a Leadership Convention Peter Raymont 1977
Footage from the Women and the Constitution Conference unknown 1981
For Angela Nancy Trites Botkin, Daniel Prouty 1993
Forbidden Love: The Unashamed Stories of Lesbian Lives Lynne Fernie & Aerlyn Weissman 1992
Goddess Remembered Donna Read 1989
Hands of History Loretta Todd 1994
Home to Buxton Claire Prieto & Roger McTair 1987
How JFK Fuelled a Feminist Movement at U of T 2000andafter
I Fight Back 1988
I Want to Be an Engineer Beverly Shaffer 1983
I’ll Find a Way Beverly Shaffer 1977
If You Love This Planet Terre Nash 1982
It’s Not Over Yet – Saskatchewan Working Women Susan Risk 2000andafter
IWD Vancouver Events/Exhibits 1985-1987 Onni Milne 2000andafter
J’me marie, j’me marie pas Mireille Dansereau 1973
Justice and Dignity for All: Stories From the Struggle for Pay Equity Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) 2000andafter
Kanehsatake: 270 Years of Resistance Alanis Obomsawin 1993
Kathleen Shannon: On Film, Feminism & Other Dreams Gerry Rogers 1997
Laila Diane Beaudry 1980
Leaders debate women’s issues in 1984 Canadian Broadcasting Corporation 1984
Like the Trees Kathleen Shannon 1974
Listening for Something… Adrienne Rich and Dionne Brand in Conversation Dionne Brand 1995
Long Time Comin’ Dionne Brand 1993
Love Affair with Politics: A Portrait of Marion Dewar Terre Nash 1987
Making Movie History: Alanis Obomsawin Joanne Robertson 2000andafter
Making Movie History: Anne Claire Poirier Denys Desjardins 2000andafter
Making Movie History: Anne Wheeler Joanne Robertson 2000andafter
Making Movie History: Bonnie Sherr-Klein Joanne Robertson 2000andafter
Making Movie History: Carol Geddes Joanne Robertson 2000andafter
Making Movie History: Monique Fortier Denys Desjardins 2000andafter
Making Movie History: Paule Baillargeon Denys Desjardins 2000andafter
Making Movie History: Sylvia Hamilton Joanne Robertson 2000andafter
Making Movie History: The Women Denys Desjardins 2000andafter
Margaret Atwood: Once in August Michael Rubbo 1984
Margaret Laurence, First Lady of Manawaka Robert Duncan 1978
Maria Allan King 1977
Marker of Change: The Story of the Women’s Monument Moira Simpson 1998
Minqon Minqon: Wosqotomn Elsonwagon (Shirley Bear: Reclaiming the Balance of Power) Catherine Martin 1990
Mother Earth Terre Nash 1991
Mother of Many Children Alanis Obomsawin 1977
Mother-to-be Anne Claire Poirier 1969
Motherland: Tales of Wonder Helene Klodawsky 1994
Moving Mountains Laura Sky 1981
Moving On Tina Horne 1986
My Name Is Kahentiiosta Alanis Obomsawin 1995
No Way! Not Me Ariadna Ochrymovych 1987
Nurses defy with illegal strike in 1988 United Nurses of Alberta 2000andafter
Older, Stronger, Wiser Claire Prieto 1989
Our Dear Sisters Kathleen Shannon 1975
Patricia’s Moving Picture Bonnie Sherr Klein 1978
Portrait of the Artist–As an Old Lady Gail Singer 1982
Rising Up Strong: Women Organizing for Change Linda Briskin and Lorna Weir 1981
Sisters in the Struggle Dionne Brand, Ginny Stikeman 1991
Some Black Women Claire Prieto 1975
Souris, tu m’inquiètes Aimée Danis 1973
Speak It! From the Heart of Black Nova Scotia Sylvia Hamilton 1992
Spirit of the Kata Sharon McGowan 1985
Starting from Nina: The Politics of Learning Rosemary Donegan, Anita Shilton Martin, D'arcy Martin 1978
Status Quo? The Unfinished Business of Feminism in Canada Karen Cho 2000andafter
Sylvie’s Story Tina Horne 1986
The Burning Times Donna Read 1990
The Fleck Women Timothy Bongard, Kem Murch, Judy McGowan 1978
The Glass Ceiling Sophie Bissonnette 1992
The Historic Victories of the 1980s on Reproductive Rights and Pay Equity: Looking Back and Forward Centre for Social Justice 2000andafter
The Housewife Cathy Bennett 1975
The Right Candidate for Rosedale Anne Henderson, Bonnie Sherr Klein 1979
The Right to Care Laura Sky 1991
The Subversives 1988
They Called Us ‘Les Filles du Roy’ Anne Claire Poirier 1974
Tilco Striker Matthew Hayes 2000andafter
Toward Intimacy Debbie McGee 1992
Trailblazers: Black Women in Canadian Politics Malinda Smith 2000andafter
Turnaround: A Story of Recovery Moira Simpson 1984
Under the Willow Tree: Pioneer Chinese Women in Canada Dora Nipp 1997
Unnatural Causes Maureen Judge 1989
Until Someone Listens Laura Sky 1999
Vancouver Women’s Caucus March: Abortion Is Our Right, 1970 Rhoda Rosenfeld 1970
We Are the Union – Women’s Work Point Blank Creative 2000andafter
Where is Marlene Green? (Akua Benjamin Legacy Project) Ella Cooper 2000andafter
Who’s Counting? Marilyn Waring on Sex, Lies and Global Economics Terre Nash 1995
Why Women Run Meredith Ralston 1999
Women in Canadian History: Mary Two-Axe Early 2000andafter
Women in Canadian History: Rosemary Brown 2000andafter
Women in Struggle Ananda Productions 1971
Women’s Health in Women’s Hands: A Worthy Fight --