Making Movie History: Monique Fortier


Denys Desjardins
2014 | 6 min

Monique Fortier was one of the few women to make her way in the male world of the NFB in the 1950s. But make her way she did. Beginning as a secretary, she graduated to editing and in 1963 she became the first francophone woman to direct her own film, À l’heure de la décolonisation. Her NFB colleague Anne Claire Poirier would make her first film the same year. Fortier subsequently returned to editing, quietly labouring at the Steenbeck, shaping films that helped define Direct Cinema.

This interview is part of Making Movie History: A Portrait in 61 Parts.

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Making Movie History: Monique Fortier, Denys Desjardins, provided by the National Film Board of Canada

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Making Movie History: Monique Fortier

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