Building Futures: Re-Building Our Lives


Producers: Sher Morgan and Hilary Jones-Farrow
Writer, director, editor: Sher Morgan
Principal camera: Pamela Millar

1996 | 29:30 min

Victoria, B.C. – When a city’s homeless women and housing activist Jannit Rabinovitch declare safe housing a priority, they capture the imagination of a neighbourhood, three levels of government, business, and tradespeople. Twelve women on welfare dare to learn carpentry and help turn a ramshackle rooming house into an emergency shelter for their sisters on the street. Built by women, for women, it changed lives.

Building Futures critically examines the four phases of this feminist-inspired, million-dollar development project: community process, partnerships, life skills / training, and construction.

Recommended for use by women’s groups, First Nations, community planners, development workers, health and housing activists, and women in trades.

With thanks to all involved and The Downtown Women’s Project. 1996

Building Futures: Re-Building Our Lives from Sher Morgan on Vimeo.

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Building Futures: Re-Building Our Lives

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