Cora: The Woman’s Liberation Bookmobile

CORA: The Women’s Liberation Bookmobile travelled through rural and northern Ontario during the summer of 1974. Named after E. Cora Hind, a pioneer suffragist, the bookmobile was a transformed school bus outfitted with books, periodicals and, information about women and the growing women’s liberation movement. The goal of organizers Ellen Woodsworth, Judith Quinlan, and Boo Watson was to provide access to these materials to women in smaller communities and to raise awareness about available resources with local community centres and libraries. CORA also acted as a centre for women in those communities to meet.

Cora: The Woman’s Liberation Bookmobile Documents

Title Date Region
CORA – The Women’s Bookmobile is Coming! 1974 Ontario

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Cora: The Woman’s Liberation Bookmobile

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