The Banner Project

Excerpts taken from Healthsharing, Volume 11, No. 3 – Summer 1990

“What is the Banner Project?

Across the country, women have taken to the streets to tell the Tory government that budget cuts won’t silence us. Now we are going to Ottawa. The Banner Project is a chance for women’s groups across Canada, of whatever size, to let the government know what is really going on in our lives.

We are asking every women’s group in the country to produce a protest banner. You might want to illustrate the experiences of women in your community with sexual harassment, low wages, racism, poverty, or homophobia. 

We hope that women will hold their own actions to display their banners. They will be collected and taken to Ottawa by regional representatives. There, we will form one huge banner that we hope will be big enough to tie up the Parliament Buildings!

When Will It Happen?

Tying up Parliament will coincide with the Third Commonwealth meeting of Ministers Responsible for Women’s Affairs, scheduled to take place in Ottawa, October 8-11, and coinciding with the twentieth anniversary of the Royal Commission on the Status of Women.

Why Are We Doing It?

Cutbacks: Federal budget cuts have eliminated or reduced social services and programs for women. Groups speaking out on behalf of women and voicing opposition to government policy have also suffered devastating cuts.

Solidarity: We want to show the government the strength of women across the country working together in solidarity.  We want to challenge its cynical treatment of us and our programs. We want to hold the government to its supposed commitment to equality for women.

Contact the National Action Committee on the Status of Women representative in your area or Healthsharing for further information.”