Canadian Congress for Learning Opportunities for Women (CCLOW)


The Canadian Congress for Learning Opportunities for Women (CCLOW) was a national feminist organization dedicated to addressing education and training issues for girls and women. Their vision was women’s social, political, and economic equality through expanded learning opportunities, their focus areas being literacy, equity in education and job training.

CCLOW was founded in 1979 by a group of Canadian feminists who perceived the need for an organization dedicated solely to the learning issues of women. Within ten years, they had achieved recognition in academic and government sectors for their research and advocacy on women’s education and training. They had created networks in every province and developed two publications, one of them Women’s Education des femmes, a bilingual journal with serious gender analysis and strong classroom connections. They also organized the first national conference on women and technology (1982) and initiated innovative projects such as the first bridging program for women in Canada.

The organisation published a newsletter “Women’s Education de femmes” from 1982-1999:

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Canadian Congress for Learning Opportunities for Women (CCLOW)

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