Canadian Women’s Movement Archives/Archives Canadiennes du Mouvement des Femmes (CWMA/ACMF)


The original base of what later became the CWMA/ACMF comprised the records of the Toronto feminist newspaper The Other Woman. When the newspaper ceased publication in 1977, Pat Leslie, editor of The Other Woman, moved the newspaper’s records into her apartment and was the custodian of the first Canadian Women’s Archives (CWMA) documents. From 1977 to 1982, she preserved The Other Woman records and some additional material relating to the Canadian women’s movement in her apartment.  In 1983, working with a group of women (Nancy Adamson, Sandy Fox, Weisia Kolansinka, and Lorna Weir) under the banner of the NGO the Women’s Information Center (WIC) (a registered Canadian charity), an application was made and granted for a Canada Community Development Grant, which allowed the group to rent a room in a building on the corner of Spadina Avenue and College Street in Toronto, re-locate the documents from Pat Leslie’s apartment, and begin to collect records and documents related to the Canadian women’s movement. The CWMA Collective took responsibility for the collection from 1983 forward.  That collective, which changed in membership over the years, operated the Canadian Women’s Movement Archives/ACMF, until it was relocated to the University of Ottawa in 1992.  Members of the collective who were active for a significant period of time included Nancy Adamson, Jane Abray, Karen Dubinsky, Sandy Fox, Debbie A. Green, Luanne Karn, Andrea Knight, Weisia Kolasinska, Pat Leslie, Anne Molgat, Beth McAuley, Joanne Pelletier, Margaret Shepherd, Miriam Ticoll, Tori Smith, and Lorna Weir.

After the opening of the public CWMA in 1983/84, the collection was catalogued and became available to researchers. Various grants, annual yard sales, and other fundraising allowed the CWMA/ACMF Collective to hire staff from time to time, to actively collect the records of women’s groups across Canada, and to promote the CWMA/ACMF. In 1991, the Collective decided that it was no longer possible to maintain the CWMA/ACMF as an independent organization and sought interest in the collection from other archives and universities. The Collective felt that the collection’s credibility rested on the fact that it came out of the women’s movement, was nurtured by feminists, and operated in a manner consistent with those principles. As much as possible, the Collective wanted to place the collection with an institution that would respect that. Ultimately, the Collective decided to donate the CWMA/ACMF collection to the University of Ottawa. Both parties agreed that the CWMA/ACMF collection would be maintained in its entirety as a separate collection, with the hope that additional records from the Canadian women’s movement would be collected by Archives and Special Collections.

In 1992, the CWMA/ACMF records were donated to the University of Ottawa, who “took over the CWMA/ACMF’s mandate” and started accepting new donations that would become part of an ongoing collection documenting the groups and individuals who made up the Canadian women’s movement.

Nancy Adamson

Canadian Women’s Movement Archives/Archives Canadiennes du Mouvement des Femmes (CWMA/ACMF) Documents

Title Date Region
Canadian Women’s Movement Archives – Canadian Herstory Project 1981 National (all of Canada)
Canadian Women’s Movement Archives: Looking Forward, Reaching Back 1986 National (all of Canada)
Womens’ Movement Archives (1983) 1983 National (all of Canada)

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Canadian Women’s Movement Archives/Archives Canadiennes du Mouvement des Femmes (CWMA/ACMF)

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