Excerpted from “The Founding of a Provincial Women’s Coalition”

“More than 200 women from across Saskatchewan attended the Connections Conference on November 28-29, 1987. The conference was organized by representatives from a number of women’s groups in Saskatchewan in order to respond to government budget cuts and their effects on women. This conference succeeded in bringing together a cross-section of individual women and women from more than 30 groups and organizations and enabled them to work toward the goals of networking, support, and empowerment of women. The outcome of the two-day conference was the formation of a Saskatchewan Women’s Coalition, to be call Connections. A Steering Committee was organized to continue the task of building a united response by women in Saskatchewan.”

Connections Documents

Title Date Region
Part-Time Work is a Women’s Issue 1988 Saskatchewan
The Founding of a Provincial Women’s Coalition: Connections Conference Report 1987 Saskatchewan

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