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Excerpts from the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre website

“Established in 1978, DEWC has a long history of participatory empowerment and has established an organizational structure that reflects these philosophies. DEWC’s services and structure grew from grassroots beginnings; a group of community members responded to the needs of the DTES community to form a nurturing and non-judgmental environment for women to take refuge, access resources, and grow together towards healing and wholeness.”

“In accepting that women are the experts in their own lives, DEWC is a membership-driven organization where all women accessing our services are given a vote and a voice to steer. All of our services and programs come out of the demand of our members.”

“The Downtown Eastside (DTES) is an area well-known in Vancouver and across the country for it’s high levels of poverty and violence. Vulnerable populations including those who are unhoused, living in poverty, dealing with mental and/or physical health issues, and dealing with substance use make up the majority of the area.”

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Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre -- British Columbia

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