India Mahila Association


 Excerpted from flyer produced by the India Mahila Association:

“Our group came into existence in Vancouver with the recognition that there was no organized voice of Indian women in the community, that cultural, religious, and political events in the community were male dominated. Meetings between a few women in 1973 led to the establishment of this women’s organization with the specific aim of addressing the situation of Indian women in the Indian community and the Canadian society at large.

Our objective is to share our skills and information with our sisters, to help one another become aware of our rights, how to defend them and to provide emotional support for each other. We hope to do this through discussion groups amongst ourselves and through writing articles about issues that concern women in the local papers.”

Initiatives of the India Mahila Association include International Women’s Day events, prevention of violence against women, cultural celebrations, providing information and access to government agencies and social services, and enrolment in English classes.

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