Jewish Feminist Anti-Fascist League (JFAFL)


“The Jewish Feminist Anti-Fascist League (JFAFL) came together in November 1992, to join the fight against fascism at a time when fascist and racist organizing was escalating in Toronto and globally. Fascism is manifested in many ways. We feel that as Jewish feminist activists our experiences of anti-Semitism, and also sexism, homophobia, classism, ableism, and so on, help provide us with a complex analysis of the structure and operations of oppression. The far right has made many gains; consider the number of recently established white-supremacist groups and the increase of “above ground” anti-Semitic race-hate literature, as well as fascist violence. The extreme right has also gained legitimacy in mainstream electoral politics across North America, as well as internationally. Symptomatic of the rise of the neo-right are the renewed and vicious campaigns against immigrants, refugees, gays, lesbians, people of colour, women, and people with disabilities.”

(excerpt from JFAFL pamphlet, March 8/1994 – International Women’s Day)

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Jewish Feminist Anti-Fascist League (JFAFL)

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