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Excerpted from the Reel Women’s Cable Collective Brochure

Formed in the summer of 1983, the Reel Women’s Cable Collective is dedicated to the vision of a women’s cable network. The Collective was started by a group of women who wanted to see more coverage of women’s issues in the media and a feminist analysis of events in the news.

They approached their local cable station — Channel 3, Cable Regina — with the idea. The result was a series of six programs aired in the fall of 1983, two of which were nominated for national awards. The first programs were experimental and produced by women with no previous training in television production.

The innovative nature of the project was recognized by the Secretary of State Women’s Program. The outcome was a grant to expand the vision of women’s television programming throughout Saskatchewan. This enabled the collective to arrange training workshops with media professionals in addition to the training provided by Cable Regina.

The second series (summer, 1984) represented a qualitative leap in technical and programming expertise. Everything from the conception of an idea to the final editing of the programs is done by members the Collective, in close co-operation with Cable Regina. Researchers, script writers, camera and sound operators, switchers, directors, producers and editors — these are roles Collective members assume. The Collective also airs productions by other women’s groups in Canada.

Reel Women’s Cable Collective Documents

Title Date Region
Alternative Media: Regina Women On Camera 1985 Saskatchewan
Picture Yourself In – The People and the Process -- Saskatchewan

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