Collection: Women and Labour

CAW Women Unite Poster

Our page on the Canadian Auto Workers/United Auto Workers has a lot of material from the union as well as a fascinating introduction about the history of women in the United Auto Workers. Particularly of interest is the brochure “A Women’s Committee Can Make Your Union Work For You” as well as the Canadian Women’s Conference Agenda as it shows the breadth of women’s issues that the union tackled.

thumbnail of Union Woman – Vol. 7, No. 2 – April-May 1984

Working Woman – a publication of Saskatchewan Working Women an organization similar to OWW but that also included non-unionized women. Our page on SWW includes a brochure about the organization as well as an informative summary of the organization by several of the women involved.

Women's Rights Bulletin

There are many issues of the Women’s Rights Bulletin – a publication of the Ontario Federation of Labour Women’s Committee. The Ontario Federation of Labour page has some fascinating and documents from the early days of cooperation between the women’s movement and labour – for example the Statement on Women from 1975 anticipates campaigns for years to come.

Saskatchewan Working Woman

We have many issues of Union Woman the Newsletter of Organized Working Woman whose goal was “to increase women’s participation in unions, while strengthening the labour movement as a whole.” There are also studies, brochures and other documents on the OWW page.

Steelworkers women's committee news

Women of Steel – United Steelworkers – especially interesting is the report on the Women of Steel courses offered by the union and the impact those courses had on the culture of the union and acceptance of women within the union.

Boycott Eatons button

Our page on the Eaton’s Strike and Solidarity – 1984-1985 has a quick outline of the events surrounding that action – but as well as that page we have many excellent materials from the strike: photoposter (and another) and buttons

CLC Equal Partners folder

Our page with documents from the Canadian Labour Congress also links to several gems including the 1974 Statement on Women’s Rights or the folder full of documents called “Equal Parters for Change: Women and Unions” and many more!

Edmonton Working Woman

Women and labour worked together across the country. Edmonton Working Women “was an advocacy group and served as a link among women, both unionized and non-unionized, and the labour movement.” Our page has a short description of the organization and links to several of their documents.

Of course, when listing labour songs related to working women, the classic tune Bread and Roses, must be included

Photo of the Red Berets

The Red Berets

The Red Berets had a number of songs related to working women – and they were often singing at picket lines!

Songs included:

Moving Mountains
Union Maid
and Oh Come All Ye Shoppers (for the Eaton’s Strike)