Make a donation to help us keep adding new items to the Rise Up! archive. The work of collective members is all voluntary. Your financial contribution will go towards scanning and digitizing additional materials, as well as website development and maintenance.

Credit Card or Paypal Donations

We process our donations through Paypal, but you don’t need a personal PayPal account. You can also donate through Paypal using the following credit cards.


Larger donations make it possible to move ahead more quickly. But every little bit helps keep this project growing and we welcome your donation!

PAYS FOR: The current yearly cost of hosting the website

PAYS FOR: 2 hours of website development services

PAYS FOR: Just over 3 hours of uploading materials to the website

PAYS FOR: Sending a box of materials across the country back to the person who donated them.

PAYS FOR: 1 hour of scanning archival material


Interac_LogoIf you prefer e-transfer, our email is


Or you can mail a cheque made out to Rise Up Feminist Digital Archive to the following address:

Rise Up Feminist Digital Archive
c/o M. McPhail
166 Westminster Ave
Toronto, Ontario
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