B.C. Women’s Secretariat Newsletter


The B.C. Women’s Secretariat Newsletter was originally called the B.C. Women’s Programs Newsletter and was published several times a year by the Women’s Office, B.C. Ministry of Labour. Later, it was produced by the Women’s Secretariat, Ministry of Advanced Education and Job Training and renamed.

The goal of the newsletter was to increase public awareness of women’s issues, particularly in job training and employment, as well as provide information on initiatives, resources, and programs. Brief articles highlighted women in leadership roles, mentorship initiatives and training programmes, entrepreneurship, and access to non-traditional work. It also recommended readings and resources.  The Minister’s Message usually provided an overview of government work being done on the status of women, including funding for organizations and projects.

Title Date
BC Women’s Programs Newsletter – Fall/Winter 1985 Winter 1985
BC Women’s Programs Newsletter – Summer/Fall 1984 Summer, Autumn 1984
BC Women’s Secretariat Newsletter – August 1989 August 1989
BC Women’s Secretariat Newsletter – Fall 1988 Autumn 1988
BC Women’s Secretariat Newsletter – Summer 1988 Summer 1988
BC Women’s Secretariat Newsletter – Winter 1987/88 Winter 1988
BC Women’s Secretariat Newsletter – March 1989 March 1989

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B.C. Women’s Secretariat Newsletter

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