Fireweed: A Women’s Literary & Cultural Journal


Description excerpted from “Afterword” – Volume 2 Spring 1979

“FIREWEED is a feminist journal dedicated to publishing work from a wide range of viewpoints and cultures. We welcome submissions from new and established writers on politics, the arts, grass roots feminist, ideology, herstory, personal discoveries and interviews.”

“The Fireweed Collective was formed in February, 1978 to create a new feminist journal devoted to stimulating dialogue, knowledge and creativity among women. We are committed to an editorial policy of diversity, and we do not intend to represent a particular style or aesthetic. We recognize the importance of an exchange among the various sectors of the women’s community. The journal is devoted to the concept of women learning from and sharing with one another. The journal itself will provide an “on the job” learning experience for those who become involved in its production.

The women involved in Fireweed operate as a collective with each member participating in all areas of production.”

Title Date
Fireweed: A Feminist Quarterly – Issue 11 – 1981 -- 1981

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Fireweed: A Women’s Literary & Cultural Journal

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