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Montreal Women’s Liberation was a radical feminist group that began meeting in the fall of 1969, According to the newsletter,

“At the general meetings, there is no hierarchy of leadership. Decisions on chairing the meetings, the topics to be discussed, the studies to be done and the activities to be undertaken are group decisions. One of the small groups is responsible for organizing each Thursday meeting and this responsibility rotates among the small groups.”

The newsletter also notes that issues raised for discussion in the general meetings included women in the nuclear family, alternatives to traditional marriage, the history of women in Quebec, the economic exploitation of women, the need for liberalizing our abortion laws, and the women members’ relationship to other movements in Quebec.

Montreal Women’s Liberation merged with the Front commun de Québeçoises to form the Front de libération des femmes du Québec (FLF).

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Title Date
Montreal Women’s Liberation – No. 1 – March 1970 March 1970

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Montreal Women’s Liberation Newsletter

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