Northern Woman Journal


Northern Woman Journal started in 1973 as a newsletter to keep local women up to date on feminist issues in Northwestern Ontario, and it became one of the longest-running feminist journals in Canada, published until 1995.

The journal’s editorial policy appeared in the October 1973 issue, as follows:

“The composition of the Northern Women’s Centre as a whole represents different ideological views ad approaches to the emancipation of women i.e. political affiliation (or lack thereof), however, the unifying factor is the sentiment that women should be emancipated. The newsletter itself will serve as an open forum for expression of any and all viewpoints of the women of Northwestern Ontario.

Up until now, the newsletter has served mainly as a bulletin board of events, with little discussion of pertinent issues.

Only by a free and open exchange of views and opinions will we develop a basis for unity which can be used as a basis for action.”

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