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Our Times is an independent, pro-union Canadian labour magazine dedicated to promoting workers’ rights, strong communities, and social justice. The magazine was founded in 1981 and for over thirty-five years has covered a wide range of issues important to labour and other progressive activity. Over these years, Our Times has frequently published articles celebrating women’s achievements, documenting struggles, and delving into equality concerns in the union movement, workplace, and larger society.

Special issues of the magazine dedicated to women and equality started appearing a few years after the magazine was launched. The first such issue arrived in September/October 1985. The theme was Union Sisters. A complete copy is posted here.

Selected articles on feminist activism and women’s equality excerpted from other issues of Our Times up to the early 1990s coming soon!

Title Date
Our Times – Vol. 10, Issue 2 – March 1991 March 1991
Our Times – Vol. 4, Issue 7 – September/October 1985 Autumn 1985
Our Times – Vol. 5, Issue 2 – March 1986 March 1986
Our Times – Vol. 6, Issue 2 – March 1987 March 1987
Our Times – Vol. 7, Issue 2 – March/April 1988 Spring 1988
Our Times – Vol. 8, Issue 2 – March 1989 March 1989

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