Tiger Lily Magazine – Vol. 1, Issue 1 – November/December 1986


Table of Contents:
From The Publisher’s Desk
Delia Dominguez, Woman Without Back Ground Music, by Marjorie Agosin
Thriving/Surviving in New Soil, by Leah Creque-Harris
Migration and Mental Health, by Dr. Victoria Lee
Poetry: Village Women Will Lead You (Poem), by Claire K. Harris
Autonomy For Native Women, by Anne Noonan
Fiction: They Put ‘Im So, by Theresa Lewis
Popular Images of South Asian Women, by Himani Bannerji
Working With Collectives, by Ayanna Black
Balancing Hats: Interview With Senator Anne Cools, by Judith Sullivan
Education- Myths and Realities, by Zanana Akande
The Magic of Fundraising, by Janice Brangman
Music Politics of Identities, by Marva Jackson
Ngambika, Studies of Women in African Literature, by Leslie Sanders