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Women’s Concerns is a publication prepared three times a year by the Division of Mission in Canada of The United Church of Canada. It keeps women in touch with each other, as well as keeping us aware of issues that affect our lives. One of its purposes is to provide an opportunity to share experiences as you grow and struggle on your spiritual journey to wholeness in Christ.”

Launched in 1978, the magazine explored a wide range of issues from a Christian feminist perspective. As one letter writer commented, “I am a feminist who is trying to see where traditional organized religion can fit into my life and I believe that your publication can clarify some concerns I have.” Another put it this way, “Your Newsletter is always a breath of fresh air to Christian feminists”.

Title Date
women’s concerns – Spring 1989 – Sisters, Mothers, Daughters Spring 1989
women’s concerns – Fall 1989: Speaking and Hearing Autumn 1989
women’s concerns – June 1985, Issue 29 – Stories of Third World Women June 1985
women’s concerns newsletter – March 1982, Issue XVIII – Women in the Church March 1982

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Women’s Concerns

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