Rise Up: Inspiring the Future

Rise Up is an essential resource for learning about and researching the women’s movement in Canada.

Over the 6 years of its life, the Rise Up archive has become integral to the lessons and learning of many students and researchers across Canada.

Inspiring the future

Our aim was always to inspire young people to future creation and action on social justice and women’s issues through learning about our past.

Free Access

We don’t charge anything for access to our archive and all of the many resources available in it. The archive is completely free to use and always will be.


Rise Up believes that outstanding scholarship is produced, and the highest level of human understanding and knowledge is attained by sharing all we know and learn. So we share the content that we have created as part of a Creative Commons license. This includes our lesson plans and other educational resources.

Accessible Online

Because all of our material is online, the archive is far more accessible to students and researchers than a Canadian women’s archive has ever been. No travelling required. Just open up a browser.

Help us to continue building this amazing educational resource

A photo of Julia Aguiar

The digital nature of Rise Up means that anyone with an internet connection can learn about the history of feminist activism in Canada. No expensive research trips necessary!

Rise Up has broken down barriers. Rise Up’s ongoing commitment to capture the diversity and dynamism of feminist activism provided me with a range of sources that ultimately enriched my Master’s thesis.

As a young feminist, I am deeply grateful to Rise Up for all that it has taught me about the layered history of feminism in Canada and the importance of drawing on the past as we continue to fight against enduring systems of oppression

  • Julia Aguiar
Poster for the first meeting of Latin American women held in Toronto in 1995.
Poster for the first meeting of Latin American women held in Toronto in 1995.

A long road ahead…

Rise Up has a long road ahead. In order to reflect the diversity of feminist activism in Canada, we need more material from individuals and organizations that have been historically and systemically marginalized.

In addition to adding new historical material to the archive, Rise Up is committed to building educational resources that will ensure the history of feminist activism reaches a broad range of learners.

Just imagine if this history enters the minds of future feminists and activists in their formative schooling years. That’s an educational system we’d like to see! However, all this important work takes people, time, and money. We need your help!

I’m a big fan of Rise Up! Feminist Digital Archive. I assign the site for student research each year. Keep up the great work Rise Up!

  • Dr. Carol Williams, Professor in the Department of Women & Gender Studies and Department of History at the University of Lethbridge

With your help we have grown so much

Originally, Rise Up planned to digitize and upload three important journals from the Women’s Movement between the 1970s to the 1990s. From these modest beginnings, and with your unfailing support, we have been able to upload so much more, and we now have over 3,000 items on our website.

But there is so much more to be added

But there is so much more to be added! Since the word about Rise Up got out, you’ve been sending us more and more items – from documents, to buttons, to photos, to publications, films, and artifacts. And we’re so pleased to say that more has been coming in from groups and places that often get left out of this history.

Please consider a monthly donation

Giving to Rise Up each month provides stable and ongoing funding to support the collection of greater and more diverse collections in our archive.

Monthly donations will be withdrawn on the 1st day (or next business day) of each month and annual charitable tax receipts will be issued for the total annual donation by the end of February.