A New Take on Our History

The Rise Up! organizing group would like to introduce you to the new Rise Up! homepage, which includes a number of changes that we think will improve your experience on the website and help you engage even better with the materials in the archive.

screenshot of the Rise Up! home page

New Homepage!
We loved the old one, but the redesign (including an updated logo!) is a fresh streamlined look that will help you see you what’s new to the archive, and to help you find what you’re looking for.  We also have a new section for Rise Up! News, that will help you see our social media posts, updates, and fundraising information at a glance.

Screenshot of the Explore our Collections page

New Search Tips and Tricks!
We’ve created two new sections–“Search the Archive” and “Explore Our Collections”–which provide search tips, highlight common searches, and point you towards the information that you’re looking for.

Screen capture of the news page

New Featured Articles!
We’re adding featured articles to generate conversation about issues in the history of feminist activism, and why they matter today. This new section of the website will include articles from members of the organizing group, updates from our newsletter, content from our social media feeds, and guest posts.

Screen capture of the teaching resources page

New Teaching Resources!
We’ve revised the Teaching Resources section, which is now included on our Home Page. It currently includes several assignments that make use of Rise Up! archival materials, and a separate section with links to relevant online educational resources. We want to continue to build this section, so please get in touch with us if you can help.

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