The Women’s Place (Toronto)


(Adapted from a pamphlet published by The Women’s Place and other sources)

The Women’s Place began as a women’s centre and library at 31 Dupont Street in Toronto in 1972. It was a feminist organizing centre aimed at raising awareness of the roots of woman’s oppression, bringing women together to build their power base,  and helping women grow. The prime goal was not getting women a “better shake” in the same old system but changing the ground rules for everyone.

Lesbian activists played an important role in creating The Women’s Place, and the centre set up a lesbian caucus to give lesbians a voice. It was also the first home of the Toronto Women’s Bookstore, which started as a book corner at The Women’s Place in 1973.

Although the Opportunities for Youth Program and a Secretary of State grant helped get the The Women’s Place off the ground, a great deal of the work was done by volunteers who worked in the office, the bookstore, the library, and other areas such as consciousness-raising groups and the referral service. Only women could participate.

The Women’s Place closed in 1974.


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The Women’s Place (Toronto)

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