The One and Only Leaders’ Debate on Women’s Issues

Leaders’ Debate on Women’s Issues, 1984  

Chaviva Hošek, President of the National Action Committee on the Status of Women (NAC) – a large and influential organization of women in Canada – talks to Rise Up about NAC’s success in organizing a federal election debate between the leaders of the three traditional parties on women’s issues in 1984.  Chaviva describes how, against all odds, she was able to pull this debate off.

This was the only time that such a debate had been organized by and moderated entirely by women. NAC chose the moderators as well as the questions. The event effectively put the three leaders, then Prime Minister John Turner, Conservative Leader – Brian Mulroney, and Opposition Leader – Ed Broadbent under the spotlight and forced them to address and make promises to the women of Canada.  

with Chaviva Hošek
interviewed by Sue Colley

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