Toronto – Indo-Chinese Women’s Conference, 1971

Connecting anti-imperialists to end war

The Toronto Indochinese Women’s Conference (ICWC) took place in April 1971.  Women from Canada and the United States met with Indochinese women to strategically collaborate on how to persuade the US Government to end the Vietnam War.  The conference coincided with peace talks between the North Vietnam and the US Governments taking place in Paris. Three of the organizers of the conference, Maureen Hynes, Carolyn Egan and Nancy Reynolds spoke to Rise Up about the events leading up to the conference and the conduct of the conference itself.

Carolyn Egan, Nancy Reynolds and Maureen Hynes
interviewed by Sue Colley

Still from video of Maureen Hynes, Carlolyn Egan, Sue Colley and Nancy Reynolds


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