Organizing Domestic Workers: Intercede

Intercede was an advocacy group of foreign domestic workers and their feminist allies that raised awareness about the exploitation of migrant domestic workers and lobbied for legislative changes that would enable them to remain in Canada permanently. The interview Organizing Domestic Workers: Intercede features Martha Ocampo, Cenen Bagon, Anita Fortuno, and Genie Policarpio, four Intercede activists originally from the Philippines, who discuss the 1981 national campaign that pressured the federal government into creating a pathway to landed immigrant status, and eventually, citizenship for domestic workers.

The Toronto Organization for Domestic Workers' Rights (INTERCEDE) banner at the 1990 Toronto International Women's Day March.

“The struggle for justice is not just on the domestic workers issu, but also on the issue about liberation, and that’s why the women’s movement was also starting.”

– Cenen Bagon

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