Sharing feminist history

Angela Robertson, member of the Black Women's Collective, speaks at a protest against police violence. In response to the October 27, 1989, police shooting of 23-year-old Black woman Sophia Cook, the Black Women’s Collective organized the Women’s Coalition Against Racism and Police Violence. This coalition of 35 women’s and progressive organizations brought people together on December 16, 1989, to demand police accountability and an end to police brutality against Black people.

Sharing feminist history with new generations, students and researchers has always been an important goal for Rise Up! We are excited to announce the expansion of our Teaching Resources, including new lessons plans on Black Women’s Activism and the Feminist Movement, and Indigenous Women’s Activism.

These lesson plans bring together historical materials on Black and Indigenous women’s activism with contemporary examples and resources. They were initially designed with grade 10 Canadian history curricular expectations in mind. However, they can also be adapted for older high school students, and for college and university classes.(And if you already use Rise Up materials or resource in your teaching, we’d love to hear from you!)

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