Toronto Women’s Bookstore: Becoming Intersectional and Anti-racist

In this interview, Anjula Gogia tells the story of her involvement with the Toronto Women’s Bookstore (TWB) — from the mid-1990s to 2006. Anju brought a love of books and an appreciation of how to run a business that she learned from her mother.  She speaks of how the TWB became an intersectional, queer positive, anti-racist, feminist bookstore and a hub for writers, readers, and activists

The button shows the phoenix of the bookstore rising from the ashes after the 1983 firebombing of the Morgentaler abortion clinic. The Toronto Women's Bookstore was in the same building and was severely damaged by the attack.

“I didn’t care if they bought a book. If they wanted to come and they couldn’t afford a book but wanted to sit on our bench and read for two hours … [b]ecause this is where you’ll see yourself reflected.”

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